Welcome to A & I Natural Stones

A & I Natural Stones Inc is a wholesale distribution Ontario based company serving Mississauga, Hamilton, Milton, Brampton, Toronto, Vaughn, Markham, Richmond hill and surrounding areas as well as other provinces of Canada. We are direct importer for slabs and tiles from India, Brazil, Italy, and Turkey. The goal of our company is to bring the world’s best stone products to the North American market. Therefore we go right to the quarry and choose the actual blocks to achieve the quality that our customers demanded.

Great things happen when men and mountains meet. This is the end of your search for natural stones products.

Why Choose Granite and Marble?

The only natural stones harder than granite are diamonds. Therefore, always choose granite when permanence, enduring color and texture, and complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance are prime requirements. Granite is highly heat, scratch and stain resistant, and is commonly used to face commercial and institutional buildings and monuments. Granite is the traditional favourite of counter top materials for its unique colors and patterns, proven durability and lasting value. And also granite is very low maintenance stone and it last for very long time with its shine and natural beauty.